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Why winter furnace maintenance is the best investment you can make this fall

Every winter you hear about a friend, family member or colleague having to endure a couple of days without any heat due to a broken furnace. We sympathise and keep our fingers crossed that we won’t find ourselves in a similar situation. However, keeping fingers crossed is risky given that there is an easy and cost-effective solution to ensure that you and your loved ones don’t find yourselves in such a situation.

Admit it, you take it for granted

Furnaces are real workhorses. Think about it, they deliver warm air day after day, year after year. Most people just take it for granted that they will work when they flick the thermostat. The truth is that the only attention most furnaces receive is the occasional filter replacement, which takes a matter of seconds to swap out. Given the borderline neglect, it is truly remarkable that the average furnace can deliver heat for 15+ years without providing any major issues.

Yet, you do so at your own risk

However, tens of thousands of Okanagan residents are reliant upon furnaces that are 15 years old or more. The reality is, the older a furnace is, the less energy efficient it is and the more prone it is to a breakdown, leaving homes without heat and their owners with a possible significant financial burden to replace it. It really shouldn’t be this way as there are professional residential HVAC companies on hand to help.

Minimal cost but maximum benefit

It is therefore a wise investment to have HVAC company visit each year. The plan starts with a scheduled visit, ideally between the end of summer and the middle of fall, to carry out a simple audit and if deemed necessary, a furnace winter tune-up and/or repair. This maximises furnace efficiency, reduces your energy bills and provides you with confidence that your furnace will perform through the heating season. In addition, a furnace tune-up can significantly extend the working life of this unsung residential hero, which you and your entire family rely upon for warmth and wellbeing.

Book your winter service maintenance today

Macdonald Mechanical is a Kelowna based professional residential HVAC service company with many years of experience. We undertake numerous furnace service and repairs across the Okanagan each year. In addition, our service offering extends to furnace installations, air conditioning and heat pump installation, service, and repair.

To ensure that your furnace is winter ready, please contact Cory in Kelowna at 250-681-2600 or by email to learn about our Winter Furnace Maintenance Plans.

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